The Club at Corazon

About Us

About The Club at Corazón

The Club at Corazón is your premium event venue, an inviting public dining experience, and an exclusive private fitness center and social club in Dublin, Ohio. The Club at Corazón offers a unique setting for your customized events, first class restaurant service along with social programming, and the opportunity to become part on an active, family-friendly, world-class fitness center with indoor and outdoor pool features. The Club at Corazón is the pulse of your community, engaging and welcoming, focused on bringing energy to each event and the life of our members. 

Because We Care

The Club at Corazón team seeks to act as good stewards with every decision we make in efforts to create a sustainable club experience for many years to come. From the products we buy, to the vendors we use, we look for ways to protect our Earth’s resources for future generations to enjoy. We also look for ways to support community initiatives including the utilization of Ohio businesses which help small businesses grow and large businesses to maintain their work forces. We utilize smart systems to help with energy conservation that include the management of lighting and energy usage during our off peak or closed time periods.

Some examples of how we help protect our environment is through the utilization of earth friendly cleaning chemicals, the elimination of Styrofoam and the addition of our new recycling plan.  We also sponsor and donate money back to charities that help to bridge need to our youth through the support of Nationwide Children’s hospital and the Heartland Bank for Kid’s Sake Charities.

The Club at Corazón is so much more than a fitness facility, restaurant, bar and events venue. Our team is dedicated to protect, provide and preserve a positive life experience "hub” for the Dublin and Columbus area as a whole. We look forward to sharing our good steward’s mindset with you and yours as you enjoy the many benefits The Club at Corazón has to offer.