The Club at Corazon


AQUA FIT: The intensity of the water aerobics class is determined by how hard you decide to work. It includes calisthenics style movements with variations of upper and lower body resistive moves to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance and flexibility. 

CHAOS:  A simple, but challenging workout (6 exercises) utilizing only one piece of equipment.  This workout uses the building block method and longer duration intervals designed to take you over the edge and up over any plateau.  Everyone welcome.

CIRCUIT: Join the circuit training challenge. A program designed to keep you energized while increasing strength, endurance and flexibility.  A 45 minute class packed with calorie burning and muscle strengthening. 

CYCLE POWER: a focused, powerful combination of cycling and plyometrics, resistance training, and core work.  (best of all workouts packed into 1 hour)

CYCLE FUSION:  A combination of harder workouts (cycling/ running and yoga/ pilates) to open up the hips, balance your body and stretch for a better calorie burn/ fat loss.  (45 minutes of cycling and 45 minutes of yoga)

CYCLONE: Cycling intervals combined with strength training/ body weight exercises designed to torch calories while building strength and lean body mass.  

JAB STEP: Challenge yourself with this high intensity work out. Reduce stress, increase strength while toning up! You will learn to punch, step and kick with proper form and combinations.   Please bring your kick boxing gloves.

R.I.P.P.E.D.: (Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance and Dedication) High Intensity Interval Training (short highly intense cardio drills) combined with short intervals of strength training, plyometrics/ body weight exercises that will challenge you to get to the next level of fitness while having fun! Great for overcoming a plateau!!! (20 second intervals with 10 seconds rest)

TRIPLE THREAT: (Cardio, Strength and core!) Perfect to get it all done in one class! A variety of equipment will be used and modifications will be given! There is no excuse! Go for the triple today.

TRX:  Make your body the MACHINE. You're in control of how much you want to challenge.
yourself on each exercise because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. Strength, Cardio and Endurance all combined in 1 piece of equipment.

TRX F.I.T.: a combination of TRX exercises, body weight intervals, intense cardio drills as well as plyometrics designed to scorch calories. 

ZON CAMP:  A class that will get your blood pumping and your energy rising! This class will bring back the basics of exercise. Come join us if you’re ready to up your fitness to the next level!

ZON FIT:  our safe and effective version of cross fit (variety of multi joint exercises combined with intense cardio drills to push through any plateau)

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