The Club at Corazon


BARRE:  Barre is one of the safest methods of Barre training that focuses on core strengthening in low impact approach utilizing principles of ballet barre, Pilates and Yoga. Appropriate for all levels.

YOGA BARRE BALLET:  A combination of yoga, barre and core strengthening/ lengthening exercises from ballet.  Appropriate for all levels.  

CORE FLEX:  A quick intense core workout that will tone and strengthen your mid-section and burn fat in no time!

MAT PILATES:  This class focuses on the basic Pilates principles: core, strength, increased flexibility, breathing control and correct alignment to improve posture. Every class is different to insure that the body is challenged in new ways. Simple choreography and clear instructions make this class accessible to both beginners and experienced.

TAI CHI FOR HEALTH ARTHRITIS AND BALANCE:  For Arthritis and Improved Balance.  Experience this beautiful, slow, fluid and soothing exercise. The progressive instruction makes learning techniques simple and rewarding, yet the requirements to develop progression slowly yields a challenge to most.

STRENGTH FUSION:   an overall body strengthening workout with bands and other fun implements for a fun-filled playground for fitness.

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