The Club at Corazon


Deep Stretch: Enjoy a gentle warm-up then explore poses that target connective tissues. Stretch your way to reduced physical and mental tension.
Level:  All levels welcome.  Intensity:  Low to Moderate

Vinyasa:  Cultivate strength and openness as you explore yoga poses in greater depth.  Use breath control to flow through sequential poses with intention.  Gain strength, flexibility and stability while developing a stronger connection of mind, body and spirit.  Try several teachers to enjoy a variety. Modifications and advancements offered, making class suitable for all levels. 
Level:  All levels welcome.  Intensity: Moderate

Yoga - Pilates Sculpt: This class incorporates the muscle sculpting benefits of pilates with a variety of yoga postures designed to build greater flexibility.  No experience in either is required and participants will leave having targeted specific muscle groups, while also enjoying a deep stretch.