The Club at Corazon


Deep Stretch: Enjoy a gentle warm-up then explore poses that target connective tissues. Stretch your way to reduced physical and mental tension.
Level:  All levels welcome.  Intensity:  Low to Moderate

Vinyasa:  Cultivate strength and openness as you explore yoga poses in greater depth.  Use breath control to flow through sequential poses with intention.  Gain strength, flexibility and stability while developing a stronger connection of mind, body and spirit.  Try several teachers to enjoy a variety. Modifications and advancements offered, making class suitable for all levels. 
Level:  All levels welcome.  Intensity: Moderate

Power: Move consistently and build strength as you use your breath to flow through varied and challenging sequences connecting mind, body and spirit.  Heat builds as you practice sun salutations, hold asanas and balance, then peaks in the warrior series, followed by deep stretch and relaxation
Level:  Some experience recommended.  Intensity: Moderate to High
(HOT POWER: Studio’s temperature will be warmer than usual)

Candlelight: Energize, cleanse and balance your body/mind through a flowing candlelit asana practice for all levels. This practice will teach and encourage your yoga practice so that you can take it off the mat and into your life!
Level: All levels welcome.  Intensity: Low to Moderate

Yoga - Pilates Sculpt: This class incorporates the muscle sculpting benefits of pilates with a variety of yoga postures designed to build greater flexibility.  No experience in either is required and participants will leave having targeted specific muscle groups, while also enjoying a deep stretch.

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